The other front in the battle is the "swap". In the Spring of 1997, Eller Media decided
to set the agenda by proposing a "swap" to City Council. They said they would take
down about 200 neighborhood billboards for the right to put billboards on the
newly-rebuilt Cypress freeway, which was slated to be zoned "no billboards." This
swap would be of incredible financial benefit to the billboard companies and would
spread the problem. The City Manager's office put together a proposal where the
billboard companies would have to take down their freeway billboards after fifteen
years. The City Manager's office also wanted a competitive bidding Request For
Proposal process, where the billboard company that took down the most
neighborhood billboards would get the Cypress deal.

On January 20, 1998, when the City Council was to vote on the proposal, the
agenda item was mysteriously pulled! On February 24, the proposal was substantially
changed more to the liking of the billboard companies. The 15 year removal date
was expanded to 25 years, and they threw out the competitive RFP process in favor
of closed-door negotiations! All but Brunner and Spees voted for billboards on the
Cypress under these altered conditions. Since Eller filed the lawsuit in June of 1998,
the City has stopped negotiations, but has not ruled out the idea of a swap. It's a good
time for Oakland residents to check in with their Councilmembers!
MORE TO COME. . . . . .
Mayor Elihu Harris (510) 238-3141

City Council:
1)Jane Brunner (N.Oakland) 238-7001
2)John Russo (Chinatown, Lakeshore) 238-7002
3)Nancy Nadel (W. Oakland, Downtown) 238-7003
4)Dick Spees (Montclair, Laurel, Dimond) 238-7004
5)Ignacio de la Fuente (Fruitvale) 238-7005
6)Larry Reid (Skyline, Central E. Oakland) 238-7006
7)Nate Miley (E. Oakland) 238-7007
8)Henry Chang (at large) 238-7008

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