Oh Vile desecraters oh foul vandalizers
Oh profaners of the sacred text. Yeah

the guys in marketing found the
"problem" word in the Declaration of

Independence.The word that had to go.
See if you can remember the word they






















removed and replaced with an unnamed "all" that is a threat. When the Navy
gives Eller money to put the streets of Oakland at war, that is a federal subsidy

and the corporate state at work. Let's end all federal subsidy of the billboard
industry-- a handful of corporations that also freeload off the public airwaves.

Yeah theres been a lot of zany wacky military blunders in post-coup America.
(12/12/2000) Let's see the Japanese fishing boat, (2/10/2001) the Chinese fighter

jet, (4/1/2001) the MIA plane in Vietnam.(4/8/2001) the missionarry plane in
Peru (4/20/2001) and Oh Lord and that nuttiest of all displays of defense

incompetence, the pants-down non-protection of our financial and political
capitals. (911/2001) R.I.P. Hey I thought some of my tax dollars went to the

common defense. So that defense department is really an "Offense" and the
"Defense" called for in the Preamble will be provided by Homeland Security INC,

A little bit of Customs here, a piece of Immigration from over there, throw in the
bulk of FEMA, and you've built yerself a brand new domestic military. But keep

the FBI and CIA independent so they can fight over how to manipulate the new
department. But isnt a domestic military a prerequisite for a police state?

or is it the definition? Welcome to the theocratic fantasy of the Apocalypse
that's driving foreign policy. Or maybe you wanna call it the petroleum wing

of the CIA. On the next page you can tell your reps how you feel about
Homeland Security INC, WWIII, and the corporate takeover of everything.



















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