Hey who changed the billboard? It used to say Eller and now it says Clear channel. and would somebody cut down that tree so I can see it better? And Outdoor Systems is now Viacom.

Both these beasts are striving for complete vertical and horizontal integration of our cultural production and distribution systems. Gotta problem with it?

Okay okay it wasn't a coup. That's the wrong word. Election 2000 had all the
markings of a hostile takeover. And now we have a CEO instead of a President!

So the constant assault is on the word "PUBLIC." Their solution is to
privatize everything ---schools, space, land, energy, social security, the

airwaves. Because when government subcontracts our public resources out
to the lowest bidder, someone with a lot of money makes a lot more. And then

the government becomes one with these private corporations through lobbying,
subsidy, and regulation. And presto you have the corporate state, which was

Mussolini's definition of fascism. If you want "less private more public" your
representatives can help. They can end corporate freeloading off of

our public resources.

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